Just Life

so far so (very) good.

…the photo was inspired by my 600 mile goal for 2008. I had been keeping up with the daily mileage in an old notebook and decided to transfer the data to a spreadsheet to add it up. I was shocked and wonderfully surprised at the total. 407.19 miles year-to-date! over two-thirds of that logged on a treadmill (at home, rob’s gym or various hotels in orlando, denver, houston), and the rest outside, mostly at hembree park, but a bit on trips to dillard, st augustine and new york. not sure what the final tally will be, but I’m definitely planning to take full advantage of the longer days to make the most of the outside while I can.


  • Marjolein

    Wow, this is great!! Good for you, and very good that you keep up with it!

    btw, no two scoops, just MME and Boxer….. I love all the BG papers too,but just had to buy some different ones!

  • Lydia

    yea on the miles, i’m sure you’ll surpass your goal, love the planning session, and it’s a great photo of the 4 of you- yea sara- you’ll have blog fodder for sure now that you’ll be on the open road. finished the race, getting ready to share the experience

  • Polly

    am impressed with your mileage…I certainly miss walking but the knees are much improved when I don’t.

    why did Marc decide on a Mac? it’s awful when a computer dies–you don’t know how much you rely on it.

    beach time sounds great…didn’t realize that y’all are going to a new place. don’t know if I like the comment about you two becoming grandmothers…you know that would make me a GREAT grandma–ouch. Mother