knitting circle.

…continuing what we sort of started at dillard, lydia, karen and I (plus sara, who drove – thanks, sar!) gathered yesterday to cast on our 2nd pair of punk rock socks. the loose nut colorway and a pattern that karen had (quick online search and I couldn’t find a link – sorry!) which didn’t seem quite as hard as the anastasia’s with the provisional cast-on and short row toes. this one is cuff down with a cute picot edge. and we all questioned how “easy” it really was when we cast on once (oops, wrong number of stitches), twice (darn, I have the wrong number of stitches and oops, I lost a few of my cast-on stitches), three times (yes, finally!). we’ll see how this one goes once we actually get it started!
before we cast on, we did pause for a group shot of the finished zombies – not that it would be too weird for me or lydia to start another project before we finished anything, but karen is still new at this and the other unfinished pair of socks she has… not sure that pair is ok with her leaving another unfinished object lying around.
many thanks to lydia for hosting us – and the fabulous food (cheese grits, breakfast crepes, sausage casserole, salad with a yummy tomato-basil vinaigrette that sara’s trying to copy as I type this and sangria), but the only photo I have is the carrot cake that sara baked for dessert.


  • Lydia

    turned out to be a great day to be inside, i think your camera definately does better shots than mine, especially the carrot cake picture- which i’m still reeling from it’s goodness- glad we had the time together.