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just photos won’t be all that bad.

…last summer before our beach trip, I had grand plans for a travel journal. and then of course my plans were crushed once we were there because we didn’t really travel, as much as just sit back in one place and relax. so a great opportunity for photos, but not so much a journal about what we’ve seen, ephemera, etc. (just one more reason I was so darned excited about our new york trip this spring). I did make a wonderful album with all those photos and was totally planning on another one this year. until I saw this post – bless ali edwards for coming through … and with perfect timing! (note she plans a weeklong series of posts about hybrid scrapping). off now to visit ali’s collection at digital scrapbooking 🙂

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  • Lydia

    can’t wait to see this project completed-you’ve had a lot of practice with great photos and the adding stuff onto the photos