Just Life


…and for sure this will not be a week without a blog posting!

first up – the mystery flowers are blooming again.
unfortunately, it’s the only thing in our yard that is blooming. hoping the lack of crepe myrtle blooms is very temporary. {and if you clicked the link, how much fun to revisit that post from last summer when I was home all alone for the first time…ever!}

then a (very) quick funny-now story from the katie/rob dinner on sunday. here’s the hint:(y’all do know by now to click photos for details, right?)

yes, chance caused quite a disturbance in our kitchen when he pooped on the rug and then katie stepped into it and I lost it and of course so did katie and marc cleaned up and sara kept trying to calm everyone down. definitely took some tension out of our first meeting with rob. funny-now thing is that I was really in tears about it on sunday, but now, just three short days later, it’s hilarious. maybe my age is showing. sara tells me this is the kind of story that ina garten would put into a cookbook and use as an example of overcoming obstacles to create a fabulous party. not sure this was fabulous, but I am sure it was memorable! {sara just reminded me the food was fabulous – and she’s right!}

of course all that excitement totally distracted me from getting other photos. so I still have NOthing with marc and the girls (katie/sara – you owe me…big!)


  • Lydia

    poor chance, sounds like the makies of a movie- put sara on the script-wish i’d been there. thinking those flowers must be of the hydrangea family-maybe. i think a field trip to a nusery is in order to find out what they are- they’re gorgeous. happy thursday.

  • Anonymous

    okay–the poop thing was good, mama bird, right? didn’t i tell you that rob was relieved…because he felt like he couldn’t do anything worse. (and he certainly wasn’t going to poop in the kitchen)