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this week’s prompt inspired by elise’s vacation in hawaii. and of course it meant “ocean” and “beach” to me.

this photo wasn’t a favorite from last summer’s beach trip, so I never printed or shared it – but cropped and autocorrected in photoshop, it shows everything I love about the ocean. the water. the colors. the waves. cresting or “ruffling” as my friend lisa says. and I continued the ruffle theme on the back with a bit of ribbon.

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  • Lydia

    you guys have been busy, loved all the posts, but figured one comment was enough- shoes (fab!), yea on the socks, will take the spicy and the zombie’s to boston- herbs again-fab, will have to share some dill thyme and chocolate-mint mint (if sara’s game)love the ocean photo, i like to look at it, but don’t care for getting into it- too much “unknown”, etc. looking foward to the 28th, enjoy mexican, sorry i’ll be missing it.