Just Life


…as in I won sequence (actually I won twice), so game night must continue tonight! We realized there aren’t many games that are really good for two. Hopefully sara’s memory is good (and it is certainly better than mine!) and we really do have a cribbage board.

In other news, I am really enjoying this blog/website. It so makes me want to learn to take better photographs. I think the camera is part of it, too (marc says no, but I think that might be just marc). And I’m seriously considering the investment in time for next spring’s trips.

I was telling sara about our plans for paris (another really good thing about game night is that it provides a wonderful opportunity for just talking) and we got to talking about where we might go for next year’s spring break. Assuming of course that sara is still game to be my travel buddy and doesn’t head off to florida like most other high schoolers. Topping our list right now – a return to chicago or new york, followed by portland (oregon).


  • Lydia

    like the lighting in this area, do you do anything besides “no-flash”, need a good place to take interior photos when it’s getting towards dusk- can’t wait to hear about travel plans- always fun.

  • mere2007

    this is a simple no flash photo taken at our kitchen table with the overhead light on…honestly not much brighter than a daytime photo there!