shoes and socks.

…corny title, I know. but it seemed like such a fun idea driving home from knit night thursday night. I got compliments on my new shoes all day. And they really were pretty comfortable – saying a lot since I wore them for 15 georgia-summer hours! And the knit night ladies ooh’d and ahh’d over my socks. Grand plans to finish the leaflings this weekend. And get the 2nd zombie cast on at least before the next installment arrives…probably by next weekend.
not sure about all we’ll do today. definitely a run in the park. a grocery run for father’s day cooking supplies (cheesecake, burgers, coleslaw, maybe sweet potato fries). hopefully some time to finish this week’s create08. I spent some time last night going through all the photos from last summer’s beach trip. and found some great ocean water to inspire me. it’s also world wide knit in public day today. And I’m really hoping I can get to cast on cottage just to say I did it! (even though they’re not listed as having a “kip” event, I know there will be knitting on the lawn and definitely a lot of fun!)

(and if you were waiting for an update on game night – we played another round of sequence – and I won. sara says she doesn’t like cribbage much.)

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