Just Life


…every time I do it, I vow it will be the last. and yet here I am again… a whole week between blog posts. I had very good intentions, but they never materialized. so, the recap. (you can click the photos for more details)

father’s day. different for marc this year with both girls home. and sara’s yummy cheesecake for dessert.
bookclub at terri’s. a smaller group than last year. but another beautiful summer evening.
play day with sara on thursday. lots of driving for her (400, 285, numerous surface streets and even the dark) and she’s doing great with all of it!

today we’re getting ready for dinner tomorrow. (katie and rob are coming over. another cheesecake. “steak food” and drinks.) and enjoying the rain.


  • Lydia

    the artichokes look yummy as does the cheesecake, heading to the pool soon- habitat plans changed but no one told me! so can use the day to get caught up- always a good thing 🙂

  • Polly & Roy

    The new “summer masthead” is very appropriate for the season. Did you take the picture in your yard? Of course, I also enjoyed the blog. –Roy