mostly knitting.

…not so much that I spent time on knitting, but that three of the five photos are about knitting. yesterday was the best kind of rainy saturday. the sun actually came out just long enough for me to get a quick run in at the park, but the rest of the morning and the afternoon…cloudy, partly drizzly.

a perfect excuse to bring home a bouquet of gerbera daisies to brighten the counter.
and it was nice to feel ok about staying inside and rewatching something’s gotta give. sara thinks we’ve seen it a million times. but I still get a kick out of diane keaton’s lovely beach house in the hamptons (and oh my – definitely check out the link – who knew that architectural digest did an article on the set design – great photos, too!), the wonderful sound track (always on my ipod) and the happy ending.

marc taught sara how to make mussels. he has a great recipe that uses white wine, some fresh herbs and usually tomatoes.
while I worked a little on my 2nd zombie sock.
and thought about what we might make with our 2nd punk rock installment. maybe this or this or this?
oh, and just this morning remembered to take a photo of the finished (even blocked!) leaflings.


  • karensheffield

    I like the anastasia pattern for the loose nut – or possibly one of the patterns that came w/ my tofutsies yarn might work too (I still owe you copies…but have to find the patterns first…ugh)

  • Lydia

    love the leafling socks, and the anastasia pattern I think would work well with the loose nut- you must have had different weather from us, a mere smattering of rain, by 2 and beyond lots of sunshine- got to the pool yesterday and today-as always enjoy the photos- maybe karen will bring one of her suggestions on saturday?