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girls beach weekend.

…whew! glad to be home, glad lisa drove (I know 14+ hours of driving is no fun, but at least I had a lot of knitting time – thank you, lisa!), but oh so glad to have the last four days of memories! thank you kris, lisa and especially janel for hosting us!

the mosaic is really the best way to share the weekend’s photos(the entire album is here).

click captions below to see more info

of course pictures are only part of the story. sometimes words help to recall it better: when are we leaving:who’s picking up kris?:hostess gift? shoot! but lisa’s is cute!:happy hour at the beach:lisa gets the cave (and a well-deserved uninterrupted night’s sleep):what happens in st augustine stays in st augustine:a two-mile run turns into a five mile workout:bike rides and ringing the bell:shrimp tacos:high maintenance:sex and the city:beach bum beer:of course we can have shrimp six meals in a row:bl(cr)ackberry:bike ride for dessert:challenger takeoff so much better than rip tide rescue:cooking:wine:super secret parking spot:spying on the rehearsal dinner at oc whites:watermelon margaritas:french press wake-up:wireless in the dining room:digital scrapbook show and tell:janel might be a morning person:lucy on the couch?!:hand-held shower:sharing recipes:family histories and family skeletons:sunscreen? might need a towel, or a shirt, or bury myself in the sand:gulfcoast v. atlantic:when’s high tide?:when’s sunset?:life of the party:trouble maker:cheetos and diet coke cures all:manfriend:soduko:what’s catholic (and who is): [lisa, kris and janel – what are the highlights I’m forgetting? I’m sure there are many! please leave in the comments]

I couldn’t figure out how to edit the mosaic, so this photo of our last lunch together at A1A Aleworks stands alone. great photo. great lunch (yummy crab blt – omg, katie & sara, I’ve found a better love than salmon blt!). great ending. …well at least an ending for our “together time” – we still had a 7-1/2 hour drive home and kris had a flight at 7:30…

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