Just Life


…my mom! thank you so much for tracking down the “mystery flowers” – they’re phlox. not just any phlox, but Phlox paniculata ‘David’s Lavender’. And my mom, in addition to being gardener-extraordinaire (seriously, she can grow just about anything, in any climate, and can give advice about what grows well where…sadly, my sister seems to have inherited all of my mom’s gardening genes…or at least that’s how I explain me knowing nothing, and struggling to learn anything!) is also internet wonder-woman! I can only imagine the searching techniques she employed to find the exact match for the photo of my mystery flowers. thank you!


  • Lydia

    i love a happy ending, and since it’s a perennial guaranteed beauty again next year. i also think its way cool that polly and my mom have such a knack with the internet- some folks their “age” wouldn’t go near a computer- much less “surf the internet”- way to go polly

  • Polly

    Thank you for the very creative prize and the wonderful comments. I think I inherited my gardening expertise from my mother. It only took me two sites to find the mystery perennial–glad I could help. Mother