what to knit?

…I’m recovered from the fact that my yarn arrived a day after karen’s and lydia’s. and now focused on finding us a pattern to knit the fabulous clash – the first installment of lotus knits sock club (melanie, it’s fabulous!). (also have on my to do list to listen to some of their music – a quick run through my i-tunes library – no clash songs!)

I visited ravelry to browse sock patterns. wow, 158 patterns tied to 51,432 projects. oh my, socks are very popular these days! I’m looking for something that:
::has 8 st/in (that’s the gauge I got when I knit the monkeys on size 1 needles)
::shows off colors
::isn’t called something frou-frou (we cannot knit socks called anastasia – as pretty as they are – with punk rock yarn)
::isn’t something one of us has already knit
::and is free.
That shouldn’t be too hard, right?!

maybe wrong! I only found two patterns that seemed to work:

Tidalwave has the old heel flap construction, but seems like it might work well with our colors.

bff might be my favorite. designed by cookie a of monkey fame. the name is appropriate, too, for our first joint knitting project!

please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments – we need to get going!