Just Life

a morning person.

…elise’s prompt this week – three words to describe you. and believe it or not, these were not the first three words I picked! I was planning “loves pretty paper”, with an accompanying photo of the hundreds of sheets of paper and embellishments and other stuff that clutter my scrapbook table. or maybe “I make lists” or “a big smile”. but friday morning, at the end of my 6:00 a.m. workout, rob asked me why I got up so early every day, and these three words just flew out of my mouth. because I am “a morning person”. so true.


  • Lydia

    i’m with you- enjoy that early time when the house (or office) is quiet, and coffee is hot, and the blogs are inspirational, funny, or make us cry- happy monday-

  • Marjolein

    Oh,I love this, great photo, great journaling!
    I do love to get up early end enjoy the house that’s so quiet, my coffee tastes good and I can read my mail without being disturbed, but a morning person…. no, don’t speak to me after.. 4 cups of coffee??? LOL