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catching up.

…barely! and needing to post about the boy birthdays, dillard (sock knitting!), and the latest two paper adventures. here goes – this one’s a long one!

first up, the boy birthdays and dillard. a great time as always. thank you mother & daddy! I uploaded a lot of photos from the weekend – all favorites – click the descriptions below for a larger image.
1. pj, 2. andrew, 3. birthday boys!, 4. phase 10, 5. prepping dinner, 6. up close, 7. knitting, 8. phase 10 (again), 9. scene it!, 10. zombie socks with their knitters, 11. zombie socks, 12. birthday brownies
note to self AND OTHERS! we need to be sure to get a real group shot next year. with everyone. from ground level.

at least we got a good one of us siblings:

special attention for the socks. thinking we must plan a follow-up to show completed works, as opposed to works in progress. and melanie, I am certainly in agreement now that the pooling is my problem, not yours (for those of you who read this and don’t know “pooling”, it’s what happens when the hand dyed yarn doesn’t stripe – note that lydia and karen both have stripes on their socks and me – wide stripes is maybe a generous description!)

and the paper adventures. weeks 21 & 22. week 21 very late and week 22 very early (at least for me!). both good times with the photos AND the journaling. honestly, the trust prompt for week 21 threw me for a loop. I picked up the prompt when I was in Orlando last week, and kept thinking “believe” instead of “trust” when I tried to journal about it. friday night, I finally looked up the word “trust” and printed out a very long definition and tucked it in my bag for the weekend. sunday morning (not quite dark early, but still early 🙂 I had a chance to read it. and saw “reliance on the integrity of someone”, “confidence”, “hope”, “belief”, “to depend on”. and realized I have a lot of TRUST in my life. the journaling came. and then the idea for the photo.

and week 22 was easy. or maybe I made it easy. favorites. a favorite (recent) photo, but not of people, and journaling from today. honestly, capturing my “favorites right now” is a staple of my journaling. looking back at lists like this really help me focus in on who I am/was in that moment (really – I’ve been journaling for just about 18 months and I’m still amazed at how different me today is from me twelve or even 2 months ago!)


  • lauren

    have i mentioned how very *ENVIOUS* i am of your photography skills?! (amongst other things…but that’s a BIGGIE!!!) 🙂

    your pages, as usual, are AWESOME! and btw, i love your socks: to me, the pooling makes them unique, and interesting, and WAY more fun than just “regular stripey”! (on the other hand, i can relate to stuff that just DOESN’T do what you want it to!)

    (ps: i’ve just thought–it’d be WORSE if one sock pooled and the other went normal stripey! so let’s give a big cheer for MATCHING socks…of any description!!!) 🙂