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as promised.

…more from sunday and monday. first monday. a last minute location change to cafe intermezzo when marykay couldn’t make it – karen, liz and I still had a great time. seems like ages ago that we all worked together. and I really love that now we can be friends rather than co-workers. maybe that’s because, somehow, now that we don’t work together, it’s so much more fun to talk about (make fun of!) our co-workers – we still have a lot of them in common 🙂 also love getting liz’s perspective on teenagers. she’s an aunt to about six (more?) of them and that “non-mom” view is just different enough to be really helpful.
and then mother’s day – as you saw from my last post, the girls treated me to a lovely day. and katie’s not pleased with the photo I selected to commemorate the day, but oh well… first up, the gorgeous flowers that katie brought. hydrangeas and purple tulips are my new favorite combination (and katie, they still look great!)
the girls cooking – sara totally took charge of the kitchen and katie did a fine job taking orders. everything we ate was delicious.
my sole attempt at a self-timer shot. I think the girls are laughing because the first time I “set” the timer, I really turned the camera off. I was actually surprised this shot turned out as well as it did! (note to my mom – our first meal al fresco for the year!)
evening sunshine. despite the wind. I completely enjoyed the long call with my mom…and this view.

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  • Lydia

    wonderful photos, i watch the wind in the trees at home. didn’t know if they were going to come down or not- what a nice mother’s day