Just Life

something new.

paper adventure week #17. growing my hair (not trying for anything truly “long” here, just enough to have more curls and maybe get to use a few fun pins) and an awesome new orange shirt. and admitting right from the start that the “growing my hair” part in this photo is probably only noticeable to someone with r-e-a-l-l-y short hair (like me!). but 12 weeks into growing out a pixie cut is a big deal! promising another check-in 12 weeks from now (beach trip time!) to see if the reality of southern summer humidity will throw me off course!

the new orange shirt is kind of a big deal, too. because it’s my first orange piece of clothing. and I love it. and it was a great confidence-builder for the presentation I gave at work on Tuesday about “building your leadership brand”.

now if I could just learn to take these self-portraits! this one was something like take 34 of 36… there must be some trick to it, right?


  • lauren

    oh yes indeedy…
    i LOVE the page!
    i loooooove the shirt!
    i LOooOOooOooOOove the hair…tho i admit…it really *didn’t* look alllllllll that long to me…until i clcked the link and checked out the pixie cut!

  • Lydia

    don’t know how i missed this post, but i do love the shirt, great color- can’t wait to see the “do” in person- happy friday!