Just Life

nyc done.

…we’re home. with huge piles of laundry and nice stack of ephemera to accompany the photos for the album I have planned.

we started yesterday at sarabeth’s for brunch. a good table in the front where we could see central park south. then to the apple store which is probably the coolest apple store anywhere (except that there are three locations in manhattan and it’s certainly possible that the one in soho might be cooler!) we played with the macbook and the iphone and the ipods. and I promised sara that my next phone/ipod might definitely be an iphone. then a walk up park ave looking for a starbucks (and a restroom). and discovered that the ten+ blocks of park from 61st to 72nd is probably the only ten block stretch of manhattan without a starbucks. go figure. so we headed into the park and found one (a restroom, no starbucks there either). and then some good people watching at the boat pond (near alice in wonderland) and again by the great lawn (looking over to the castle). we walked out on the west side – shocked to see we were at 81st (meaning we wandered about 10 blocks up while we did all that people watching). then over to broadway and zabar’s to get raisin pumpernickel bread for marc (and me!). loved seeing sara with the zabars bag. and she sounded so new york when she talked about getting the 5 or the 7 (bus to take us back to columbus circle). we found the pinkberry and enjoyed our “original’s” with berries (sara) and mango (me). and one last photo. back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and then a cab to the airport. the flight to atlanta was easy. and marc met us at marta. it was weird being in a car. without horns honking. and it seems very quiet here in our kitchen this morning.

I’m hoping to get photos uploaded to flickr today, and also need to figure out which ones to print.