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nyc 5.

…my last morning at starbucks. and one more quick post from nyc. dinner last night at becco’s was delicious. we had the pasta dinner that included caesar salad or a vegetable misto plate to start and then the three pastas of the day (farfella with tomato and basil, linguine with garlic clam sauce and our favorite swiss chard ravioli with marjoram) served tableside (and as much as you can eat – we both had seconds). and a dessert sampler. plus a picture.

and one from the MoMA (now that my camera’s recuperated!)

(also, I added links to places from yesterday’s post – sorry I forgot to do that when I wrote it)

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  • Lydia

    i want sara to go with me next time, she does great long arm shots! can’t wait to see the other pix taken along the way- will have to save the notes for food recommendations on the next trip.