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nyc 4-1/2.

…as in no internet this morning (thanks to a new york-wide t-mobile outage that lasted all morning) and a dead camera battery that’s back in the room getting recharged (just like sara!) so the news itinerary covers yesterday and today, but photos are just from yesterday.

I can’t believe it’s friday evening already. the days have flown by! we started yesterday with a bus ride downtown. fish’s eddy, union square and le pain quotidien at abc carpet & home for yummy muffins and cafe au lait. then another bus to city hall and the wtc site. very moving, especially the memorial chapel. after that we walked to brooklyn, across the bridge, and had the very best pizza at grimaldi’s (under the bridge). we tried to take the water taxi back, but weekday service has been suspended til may. fortunately, the walk back over the bridge seemed shorter. but it was very warm. and we enjoyed the air on the bus back up town. we stopped by the room to clean up and change. then a bus ride up town to the upper east side. we walked through the park and enjoyed all the activity on what was surely the prettiest day here so far this year. then to the west side for a quick snack at isabella’s and back to the east side for supper at fig & olive. where we enjoyed a vegetable sampler and very tasty crostadas with fig paste and manchego cheese (one of my favorite things about traveling with sara is how much she enjoys trying new things!). another bus ride back to the hotel and to bed. i’m sure we were both sound asleep by 10.

on the bridge
across the east river (from brooklyn)

for marc 🙂

today was our uptown day. started with a bus to the upper west side for bagels at h&h (as good as the reviews said they’d be), then knitty city and zabar’s for a picnic we enjoyed at strawberry fields. another very good spot for people watching in the park! then a bus to MoMA where we spent three hours seeing some things we loved and some we just didn’t understand.

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  • Lydia

    grimaldi’s, one of the stops i had hoped to make, next time! looks like tons of fun- there’s not too many other places that compare with NYC- safe trip home