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music for landing planes by.

*…I am sure at one point, I loved to travel. loved airports, planes, hotels and adventures (I specifically remember a flight from Casper to Denver, I was maybe 13, visiting a friend who had moved – from being my backyard neighbor to my “friend who lived in Denver” – and we had a lot of fun). and I still do, I guess, in the “right” circumstances. Sara for a roomie. New York (or Chicago or Hilton Head or Beaufort).

But lately, work has had me traveling a bit too much. like this for dinner tonight (nothing interesting except the knitting – a knit-round scarf (from sally melville) in noro silk garden (colorway 264 to wear with jeans and khakis) which I’ve promised myself I will finish for the weekend).

need to remember the good things about this last trip. catching up this morning over coffee at starbucks with kris (who moved to raleigh over a year ago). energetic meetings last night and this morning, getting ready for the “real show” this afternoon. many new faces, but still connections with familiar ones (madeline worked with ray mckinney at wachovia; liz works with adanna on another client and told me to say hi tomorrow).

(glad josh is picking me up for the flight tomorrow…that leaves in less than 12 hours).

*a poem by eireann lorsung – in a book i purchased for both me and katie last spring to celebrate our upcoming plane trips – the poem is actually about watching planes land from the ground, but my favorite line works from the air as well:

Nothing changes except I begin to notice
bridges and high buildings, how beautiful they are
(how they shimmer like brides)–

and I especially love the torn out page from the Delta magazine I found tucked into the book there – channel 5 – classical travels…

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