Just Life

looking forward.

…to Spring Break (which “officially” started for me at about 4:30 p.m. on Friday) and a trip to New York with Sara. I kept thinking I really wanted a photo of us on our trip for this week’s paper adventure. But that really wouldn’t be so much about “looking forward” since we’d be there, right? And then I remembered I had these vintage map postcards and (lucky me?!) there’s a great one of New York. I even thought about using the actual postcard, but it was a bit too small. So now I’ve kept true to format – another 4X6 from photoshop!

We’ve made lots of plans. A long email from Lydia about their trip in February and this post and this one from Marta (found via Elise’s blog) really helped. We have two pages of notes about places to go and places to eat. And I’ve looked up locations for every single one on-line. Appears we’ll be across and up and down the island a few times, and hopefully we’ll make it over to Brooklyn, too.

I’m taking my laptop and the hotel says we’ll have free wireless. So stay tuned for reports from the trip. Our flight leaves at 10 o’clock in the morning and we’ll be back Saturday evening.

Oh, and please hope for good weather!