Just Life

good stuff.

…four days worth. figure I’d better get it posted now, before I forget!

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First, Dream Dinners – we finally had our group outing Thursday evening. It was fun and we’re planning to return.

Then Friday – totally lovely day to work outside!

And the irises have bloomed behind the eskimo shrub (formal name “viburnum opulus”, thanks to the AJC gardening column on Thursday, we now know what it is!)

Saturday, Sara and I enjoyed lunch at Blue Fire Grill (and there is no telling from the inside that it used to be Applebee’s). Totally recommend. Delicious food. Wonderful service (ask for Stacy). Good wine list. Not expensive.

Today, I finally got my closet cleaned up and swapped the winter and summer wardrobes (and even sewed on seven buttons so everything is ready to wear).

Raindrops on irises (and rain three days in a row – very good for our drought!)

Then knitting. A new bag.

And noticeable progress on the twisted float shrug. Which is good since today was the last class, but we made plans to meet up again in September to show off our finished projects. Maybe by then we can wear them?!

…Sunday evening just chilling at home, getting energized for the busy week ahead.