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a(nother) walk in the park.

I realized once I was there, with my camera – taking a photo of the fountain with the yellow irises, that I’d taken a very similar walk about a year ago. And I am very happy to say that walks in the park are now a much more frequent occurrence for me – still no “walking” shorts, but my running gear does just fine.
Spring has officially arrived. These past few days have been warm (75 degrees-ish) and folks are getting outside. The park was full of baseball, other walkers and runners, and families at the playground. The walk over was busy, too. Mowing lawns, kids outside riding bikes.
I’m still in awe of all the colors of green. I noticed different textures, too, but decided not to get too hardcore with my camera!
Love all the sounds (birds, children laughing, the crack of the baseball bat) and the smells (just mown grass, dirt, fresh air).

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