Just Life

a new habit.

…I think my favorite thing about participating in Elise’s project – other than learning photoshop 🙂 is that the weekly prompts have forced me to focus in on one thing. And ultimately one picture (well, except for this one and this one that begged a collage to illustrate – but I still printed one 4X6!). This week was no exception. I knew from the beginning that my habit needed to be the new exercise routine, but capturing that in a photo proved challenging.

I am pleased with the final one, but still wondering if I could’ve captured something better…and most certainly obsessing over how I might have used photoshop to better advantage!

In any event, I like having this documented now. I set a goal to walk/run 600 miles in 2008 and I am feeling good to be on track with that after 2-1/2 months. And I hope I’ll look back to this page at the end of the end of the year and think “wow, that was how this habit got started…and I’ve been 650+ miles”…


  • Marjolein

    I love this!! You’re right, I did my morning routine as a habit… kind of boring eh? Like yours better:-)) I think all the shots you took are great, but the one you’ve used is really cool!! Good luck with the 600 miles. (how much is that in km??)

  • Lydia

    i think the images on the treadmill (i’m guessing?!) are very artsy in a kinda mary artsy way-and such a good for you habit too- you’re such a good example for us- i’m thinking second career in photography, you do have a knack as does katie- i can see it mere-et-fils- photography (sara can do all the writing!)

  • lauren

    i am LOVING your pages and this one is right at the top of my faves! i absolutely love the look of it AND it totally captures the habit and the prompt. AWESOME!