Just Life

keeping busy.

…when a few days go by (especially a weekend!) with no posts, it’s a good sign I’ve been busy. And this past weekend was no exception. Filled with knitting, family (even a game of phase 10!), and card making. (click photos for more details)

a solid start to the twisted float shrug thanks to two hours at starbucks on saturday (waiting for sara) – and more progress yesterday (sorry no photo) so feeling pretty good about my commitment to be ready for the armholes by knitting class on sunday (and so sorry – had intended to post links to the sweater (from Vogue Knitting) and the class (from Cast on Cottage – Susan is teaching and she’s awesome!)…but no luck finding on-line) trust me it’s good?!

my second pair of socks – finally finished (I’ve already planned my outfit for work on wednesday to show them off!) the blocking really helped – not that they didn’t fit well before, but now they’re perfect and I especially love the way the turned heel fits my foot! …oh and I’m really looking forward to meeting yarn dyer (among other things!) melanie when the yarn harlot visits in two weeks!

true to our sheffield heritage, we enjoy a game of phase 10 (and wine) to pass the time between meals on sunday afternoon! we played the version where you get to pick your phase. much fun!

not an original layout, but I love this new paper!


  • Lydia

    love the socks, can’t wait to see the shrug finished- hoping for a photo with the outfit that shows off the socks?! feeling way left out not seeing the YH, know you’ll do a fab post of the occasion- happy tuesday