Just Life


(I totally love the way Kal uses plain graphics to emphasize her points – and I tried here, but think I need more practice!)

…in any event, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and honestly since I’ve written in my journal, just for fun. Not necessarily to share another create08 photo (or draft the journaling for the backs), or photos/updates from meetings with friends and family. Nope, this one is just for fun.

I took off a few hours this afternoon to spend with Sara (she had the day off school) and I had a free hour between getting home and leaving for her appointment. So I sat down with a pile of magazine clippings I’ve collected and found this one.

And did a quick 10 minute list of things that make me feel, think, laugh:
♥ finding new design, photography, writing, cooking and music blogs (these are all new to my favorites list since January)
real mail from anyone
♥ poetry (that I can understand)
♥ a walk in the park or for a wonderful cause
one-on-time with anyone (yes, I am in introvert!)
♥ pretty paper
clicking with someone else
♥ people watching in the airport or a park or a sidewalk cafe
♥ my journal
♥ a good book and bookclub!
coffee/knitting dates with friends
♥ sharing a weekend away with my mom and my sister or with sara or katie (sorry, no katie link – our last weekend away was before I started flickr or blogging! coming, though, soon, right?!)
♥ Impressive Ideas and stamp club with Sharon
♥ a yarn store or a yarn shop on-line or a knitting blog
pictures on my desk
♥ browsing the shelves at Barnes & Noble
♥ unscheduled time
♥ time with Katie or Sara, especially when we capture the moment in a photo

wishing you inspiration and a good weekend!


  • Lydia

    your “inspiring” list is an excellent example of how we are in control of our own happiness (at least the part we are responsible for!)a very full and balanced existance- ohmmmmmm, happy firday indeed

  • Anonymous

    I love the list and agree with almost all of it… no one has converted me to knitting yet 😉