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history of love.

click photo to see who’s whothank you, Nicole Krauss and History of Love, for inspiring a wonderful discussion, especially the memories passed down to me from my father and my mother. I’ve known many of these ladies for 10+ years, but I learned something new about each of them when we went around the room and shared a memory we’d had passed down from each parent. It was so cool to hear the stories…we’ve come from so many different places and backgrounds, but we share values around families and hard work. And reflecting on that today, I think that connection is what makes this bookclub really click. Thank you all for another memorable evening!

It also helped that I had two hours on the plane Tuesday evening to plan the discussion and really think about the memories I’d had passed down. Knowing my father and mother will read this post and wonder, here are my lists:

from my father:
+summer days – hot, humid, red dust, fresh squeezed lemonade
+early morning breakfasts with sausage and eggs
+the yellow jackets and the georgia tech fight song on a glenn miller(?) lp
+sunday morning – church and a sermon debrief

from my mother:
+animals with names and faces (that you had to eat, because you lived on a farm)
+good friends from college (high school even!?) that you rarely see, but still know
+clipboards and holiday menus
+making (and sticking to!) a budget

(and p.s., thanks to Dawn for hosting –especially those delicious basil/chive cream cheese sandwiches – total yum! and to Holly for the practice pic to be sure the group shot actually turned out 🙂
practice shot

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  • Lydia

    love the aerial view, hard to believe the book club has been around 10 years, i’ve always appreciated getting to read the loaners. oh yea, just finished “water for elephants”, loved it, especially the ending, i thought it would be said, but what a hoot