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good times.

click photo to see who’s who

…it’s always fun to get together with friends, and even more fun when it’s to celebrate a milestone like a birthday for one of us. Last night it was lise (and I am not going to put how many years on the internet, but trust me, it’s definitely a number to feel good about!) I took about 30 pictures last night, and only 20 were even good enough to download to my computer, and of those, only a handful were share-able. but even with the blur and red-eye, I still think they do a pretty good job of capturing the moments that will help us remember the evening.

any good party starts with fabulous food – check!

grandma lise! click photo to see who’s who

a pose with the cheesecake chef

a parting group shot – and the only decent one of the cheesecake … sadly nearly gone.

and finally, as Lydia requested, the outfit to go with the monkey socks, worn to work today – photo taken in the lobby of my office

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