Just Life

a day for me.

…it doesn’t happen very often. a saturday with nothing planned. yup, an empty square on my calendar. so of course i’ve got a long list of things to do…just for me.

::a walk in the park with my camera so i can capture “spring” (and then of course i’ll have to put together the create 08 entry, etc, etc)
::watching my inbox for an invitation to join this deck-of-me challenge
::finishing up my stampin up order – love the rub-on’s and paper in the new mini-catalog, and i’ve noticed a few of my markers have dried up, so need to test them all to figure out which ones to replace
::a trip to target for a new dvd so i have something fun to watch while i finish up the 15 or so rounds on my twisted float shrug (yeah, finally found a link to show the pattern!) to be ready for class tomorrow
::thinking about new inspiration for my journal – here and here

(wow, am i really selfish?)

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  • Lydia

    selfish? no, cause then i’d have to be called selfish, as i to have “nothing” on my calendar until 8pm for a soccer game! such a welcome change isn’t it-totaly love being able to do what “i” want to today, which includes getting rolling on my big list. and not rushing around. i have the vouge that has that shrug in it, so i want to know what you really think about knitting it before i come near to attempting it, i’ve always loved the pattern. i’m off to make cards, and i’ve done a bit on clue #5 so far–happy “mary day”! šŸ™‚