Just Life


…we’re here – staying at the beauloft (prononounced bo-loft, not bew-loft, which seems odd to us since it’s bew-fort – oh well!). the location couldn’t be better.
scott & bay
west view of bay street
south view of scott street
and of course neither could the company.
karen & polly
karen, mary & polly

plans for today include boutique and gallery browsing, lunch at blackstones with charlie and daddy and dinner at breakwater. probably some knitting, and definitely finishing the phase 10 game we started after dinner last night.


  • Lydia

    great photos, looks like good weather. Vegas? hmm. . . as long as someone else is paying i’ll go back. finished 1 elvis sock-yea and part of the nymph while at the conference-interesting town- can say been there done that! would like to see the desert and mountains next time- happy saturday

  • frostcowboys


    I’m enjoying a cocktail with your dad before dinner. I forgot to tell you that I am playing a Bach fugue for you. See you in the morning.