Just Life

3 sets (from Orlando).

…goes something like this.
beautiful sunrise (the last time I was here, the morning was so foggy I had no idea that my room likely faced east – so I really enjoyed the view this time).

and beginning at 5:20 pm, a series of 13 text messages and one final phone call:
5:20 pm – 1 to 2 {I clarified that Sara was the 1 and the opponent was the 2}
5:47 pm – 4 to 5
6:00 pm – down a set and a game
6:08 pm – 0 to 3
6:12 pm – 0 to 4
6:26 pm – 2 to 5 second set
6:42 pm – 4 to 5
6:44 pm – she is a grinder
6:48 pm – she won the second set
7:15 pm – 1 to 3 3rd
7:23 pm – 2 to 3
7:44 pm – 4 to 4
7:48 pm – 5 to 4
7:59 pm – {I called to find out} the final score…she won!

Which makes it 3-2 for Sara this season (oops edited it’s 3-3, yup, now I remember the losses – at least I had the wins right!) – woohoo Sara! and as much as I enjoyed my dinner out at Urban Flats with Nicole (in the photo) and Carin (who took the photo), I hate that I missed your 3-set win!!

Thank you Marc for texting me updates so I could (pretend to!) keep up through all that!


  • mere2007

    i’m 3-3

    i won the first set 6-4, was down 0-4 in the second set and came back to 4-5, then lost the second set 4-6.

    third set is was down 0-3, came back to tie 3-3, went up 5-4, then won 6-4.

    but i could see how that might have been confusing (lots of 6s and 4s going on)

    wish you could have been there. nothing like a 3.5-hour match to start the week 🙂

  • Lydia

    gorgeous sunrise-didn’t know you were oot, as you can see from my blog, i haven’t mastered the button thing, i thought i followed all the steps from last time- you may have to run interception for me again! save travels and yea sara!