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sunday monday.

…ish. intended to be friday saturday, but it just didn’t happen! so a whirlwind tour of the last week, getting ready for another busy week (three days in denver, topped off with valentines day and super l-o-n-g weekend plans with karen, katie and sara ♥)

First off, Orlando. I spent Monday and Tuesday at Hewitt’s office there. I’m sure my parents know the identity of the very big white birds with red detail near the head. I also saw some of these same birds (and a big brown one that blended into the scenery too well to photo) from my hotel window. It was funny in that weird way, not the ha-ha way, how quickly I slipped right back into my work/travel mode. Where I work pretty much non-stop because I don’t like to venture out at night, and I might as well do something productive with my time.

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So back to Atlanta and a few busy days in the office and one at home – too much to do to spend time dressing and driving to the office. Getting ready for the big meeting in Denver this week.

But I managed a few hours away Friday afternoon for a nice long lunch with Katie at Anis. Mussels and pommes-frites with pear tart for dessert. yummmmm…..

Then the weekend and I can’t share much of what I did, except the lovely mess. Sara had art journal homework (so much better than last spring’s biology nightmare, but still pretty time consuming) and I made valentines.

Oh, and I’ve passed the 60-mile mark for walking in 2008. I got off to a slow start in January, but have now walked at least two miles a day for the past 17 days …and it’s starting to feel like a routine. yeah, finally!

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