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something old.

…like the journaling (see below) says, I am fortunate to have many old things in my life. Beautiful things, things with stories, things I remember from my grandparents’ homes and from mine, growing up. And also a few things I’ve acquired – teacups, stengl pottery, depression glass and a collection of blue and white pottery. So figuring out what to capture for this week’s paper adventure was hard.

Until bookclub. When everyone noticed this collage that hangs in our family room – it’s a photo of a collage that hung in my grandparents’ bedroom – I loved it growing up and now having it in my home is very special. We were talking about becoming like our mothers (see, I have a new habit of clipping things from magazines and newspapers and sending them in an envelope to katie or to girlfriends with a postit note attached – I saw this and thought of you).

And I pulled the collage off the wall to show its secret. The documentation my mom had added to show who and when for each photo. And everyone said that I was definitely bcoming my mother. I can’t describe how good that made me feel (thanks, mom!)

So I took a picture of the collage (photo of a photo of many photos!) and the documentation on the back and merged them together, then added some color. I’m definitely getting better in photoshop – it only took me an hour this time!


  • Lydia

    didn’t realize it had been in the Grove Hill house when you guys were younger, thought it was a recent collection of photos. similar to the rocking chair that i have- it belonged to my great grandmother when she first got married, and my mom’s dad refinished it when he came for a visit, then i got it when i got married-even though these things may not have a high $ value, they are priceless treasures for us.

  • Anonymous

    We both enjoyed your comments on the collage. Your father because the photos were of him and his family. Me because of the nice things you said about me. Thanks so much. Mother

  • lauren

    well, you already know i LOVE this page…but i thought i would just drop by and say it again, official-like! this is just gorgeous! i love the original collage…and the notes on the back…and, especially, that you have fused them! wow! soooooo cool! 🙂

  • MLJ1954

    That is incredible. I have pics that I found in my Mom’s home and my sisters and I have an “idea” of who some of the people are. It would have been good to have it written down.