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pretty paper.

…lots of it. and some fancy rick rack, a few tags, stamps to say “happy birthday” and wow. all six of the the wonderful women (other than katie, who got hers last weekend)in my life with January or February birthdays…cards done! and on the off chance that one of you might actually see this blog post and feel slighted because your card is very similar to five others, please know that I planned out the paper and rick rack color combination to suit you. and of course the messages on the inside are all very personal. not to mention that I pored over my stamp idea books for hours and hours before I finally settled on this paper (basic grey stella ruby – I love the vintage dress patterns, flowers and colors) and this design. so – cutting paper and ribbons, with maybe just a little stamping is my new favorite way to make cards. good thing – I have LOTS of paper ♥

in other news – I’m going to be doing some serious (for me anyway) business travel in February. check out the sidebar. and I ordered a blackberry today. an attempt to stay connected with my team while I’m wandering near and far. promising myself that this time around will be better and I will not allow myself to check the messages on a saturday afternoon “just to check in”. no…work belongs at work. and the rest of my life still needs me.

the month of January has just flown by. I’m really thankful for that extra day in February. I need it to catch up.

oh, and check this out. yes, definitely thinking I need to join in.

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  • Lydia

    i’m inspired, love the ric-rac, who knew? now that my sewing machine will be handy with the quilty thing, maybe i’ll get a little more creative with my cards-definately like the idea of more paper less stamping-enjoy the traveling- i’ve got another work trip coming up mar or apr, denver or miami, miami’s warmer, but denver-never been there- happy friday!!!!