Just Life


…not a surprise to anyone who knows me (even just a little bit) – I see the glass half full. I am an optimist. And it’s easy to figure on a fortunate outcome when you have a day like this. Up at 6 am to the smell of coffee (Marc is usually up first on the weekends and coffee is brewed when I get up), three-mile run (yeah, finally back to running…a little!), carla for a color touch-up, time to finish my create 08 (wow, seven weeks, loving this project!), lunch with Karen, two episodes of Weeds with Marc (we’re watching it on DVD – it’s good enough to make me think about subscribing to showtime when the new episodes start) … then time for a blog posting.

…and Marc and Sara are making chicken and vegetables for dinner.

optimist? or maybe just in the right place at the right time…and loving it!
i am an optimist (back)