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…ok, I had no intention to write a blog post tonight. It’s been a crazy week (so crazy I just now read the lovely comment that Katie left here for me tuesday – yikes! – and btw, I can’t believe it’s true but it is…I totally ♥ being a mama bird) but I’ve been keeping up with a few of my “daily read” blogs (yes, that’s how they’re listed in my favorites) and I read this post on the yarn harlot’s blog.

and just couldn’t resist a response. because I’m just as much at a loss as she is. my thoughts watching the process of those socks unfolding was something like wow, cool leaves, and then it went to wow, she is one patient knitter, and finally, wow, the person who’s going to get those socks is surely a true friend. because I totally get what goes into a knitted gift – although to be honest, I cannot begin to contemplate the care and time that’s going into those socks!. thank goodness I don’t have 530 (at least that’s how many comments were posted when I read her post!) people to weigh in on my knitting projects. who knows what they’d make of this one! (but you can tell by the huge smile on marc’s face that it was awesome and isn’t that the point!!)

and really, why, why, why, would anyone even bother to leave a negative comment? I think the whole point of comments is to share in the community of blogging, right? as a positive force, right? like…if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep quiet? see, my mother taught me manners. (thank you, mom!)

p.s. a real post with pictures and updates coming tomorrow, or maybe the next day, but definitely still coming – cool pix to share from Orlando!


  • Lydia

    i’m totally with you-didn’t knwo you did the golf club covers for for Marc- too cool. i was going to leave a comment about “manners” and upbringing-and the total lack of, but it wouldn’t accept the post due to the vol. one thing that keeps me hooked on the YH are the knitting challenges and her insight-shame on the person who demonstrated their inability to show any tact-happy friday!!!

  • MLJ1954

    I loved the socks that YH made. I think they would be incredibly cool to have. I also cannot believe how rude some people are.

    Have a great day.