Just Life

leaving denver.

…a bit more exciting than a 7:40 a.m. departure should be. because it started to snow last night and was still falling heavily this morning. good job to matt (driving the expedition) for getting us to the airport on time and not really too stressed considering the conditions! bummer no starbucks in our concourse, but kudos to einstein brothers for a hot sesame bagel.

and happy memories of dinner last night at venice. a quick 16th street tram ride with many twinkling lights.
I made it back to my office about 2:45. Josh told me I looked like s*&^^^ (thanks, buddy!) and I’m sure that was only because I skipped make-up this morning in favor of a quick two-mile run on the treadmill (of course it couldn’t be because I’ve had 10 hours of sleep since I left home!)

lovely to be home now, with sara and marc and an antipasto dinner. happy valentines day!

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