Just Life

hi from orlando.

…not that i’ve seen much of it. it was dark by the time i got my car (a prius!! oh my, very different!). i picked up dinner at the super target and changed into my pjs as soon as i could! just finished checking up on work, so now it’s time for me. which is honestly just a quick post here and then to bed.

my weekend was cut short by the trip, but it was lovely anyway. highlighted by lunch out at pastis with katie yesterday. and lunch in with sara today. and catching up on three magazines (thank you plane time!)


  • Lydia

    one of the things I love about traveling alone, what a great way to re-connect with yourself!
    BTW, did the prius have the manual windows and locks? had one of those in DC what an adjustment! be safe

  • Anonymous

    i like this picture. see you friday for lunch! safe travels, mama bird. this is the busiest week of my life, but by friday, i should be good : )