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thanks for your patience.

…goodness knows mine is running thin. learning photoshop is one of the harder things I’ve attempted in the past few years. but I had a small success tonight. my very first “real” photo collage. many layers and photos sized to frames and frames sized to photos and if I understood when to use which I’d feel better! I’m practicing to make my freeze frame layout – planning 16 photos (one for every hour I’m awake tomorrow). I started this “trial run” practice tuesday – so three full evenings before this small success! I selected these photos randomly from my January 2008 folder. and I’m my worst critic (or at least I hope I am because I’d hate to meet a worse critic than me) but I think this is VERY COOL!

in other (non photoshop-related) news – I had a wonderful lunch with Lynn today…plans for Paris are still on – May 2009? it won’t be the official 50th celebration for Sue or Roxanna, but to my thinking, that just means we’ll have another reason to gather for some good girlfriend time next year.

and monkey sock #1 is only kitchener stitches (8 total) from being done – pics to come (promise!) progress deterred when I broke one of the #1 double-pointed needles in hilton head. huge kudos to David for finding super glue to try to mend it…

finally – again in the “thanks for your patience” vein – I’ve had a tough time getting back into my blogging routine since work/school started THREE weeks ago. can’t believe it’s been that long. but I think it’s coming….slowly….. of course I’ll be the mother of a 21 year old on Sunday. who knows!

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