Just Life

souvenir, commit, walk…create.

…or how I spent my saturday morning. first up, the 4×6 create 08 entry for week 2 of the paper adventure. I got off to a slow start with this one. I think a lot about what I want to impart, share, etc. with Katie and Sara. but I don’t really think about it from the aspect of memories I want them to have of me. and then I re-read the inscription from Katie in the beautiful Principles of Uncertainty she gave me for Christmas:

for my mom,
who is always
blossoming with her
own joie de vivre,
in no uncertain terms.
and who makes others
wish they could be so lucky –
until they finally realize
they can.

and I decided that’s it – my souvenir – my joie de vivre. and I remembered this photo of katie and me from her 2007 spring break – playing around with the continuous shoot feature on my then-new camera. 3 hours of photoshop later I have a black and white with words. I did the journaling on a favorite sheet of basic grey patterned paper and glued it to the back of the photo. I completely love this format of a photo with pretty paper on the back!

next up, my first attempt with playing cards, the format I’ve decided to use for a 2008 art journal with emily falconbridge. prompt #1 – commit. the idea for the “i*” on the front and journaling my list of commitments on the back came early. but I found the paper with “joie de vivre” just this morning. and it seemed fitting to continue the theme. here’s the front & back. I need to figure out how to take the photos! and get some “creamy white” acrylic for the card backs. I only used a very very tiny bit of yellow in my white paint, and it still looks like egg yolk (yuck!)

then a 4-mile walk with Sara to the park. she educated me on the writers strike and the various formats of TV shows. and I learned that my favorite shows are dramedies (gilmore girls, greys on a good week) or process dramas (house, monk). cool.

and I finished the creative storm with a good start on my pinecone press kit. lots of diamond glaze out to dry. should be able to finish before the class tomorrow at 2.


  • Lydia

    what a creative genius you are- love the cards, and the photo of you and katie- by far- the best, love it. i love the photo of your desk that features the calendar and the push pins-tacky? never! will have tons of blogging stuff over the next few days-happy saturday!

  • mere2007

    procedural dramas, not process, but you’re learning, right?
    i’d actually say you go more for the dramas than the dramedies (sopranos, house, THE OC, grey’s anatomy-because grey’s is only funny in a painful way- etc.)