Just Life


…snow, snow, snow. I think 99.9% of the people who read my blog don’t see it very often. because they’re my family. and they live in georgia or florida. so it’s big news to get white stuff that sticks. I drove home in heavy flurries today and it was surreal. And much prettier to look at from my deck.

or my front door.

and if this happened more often I would definitely need to learn how to take pictures of it. I’m really hoping there are still flakes tomorrow – when it’s light, because I am so wanting to get a live photo of a real, six-sided snowflake!

no updates to the upcoming – we’re still having bookclub tonight (which I’m secretly VERY glad about since I loved the book, can’t wait to talk about it…and I’m not driving!) more later – promised post to those who aren’t venturing out in the weather!