Just Life


…my word for 2008. wasn’t even a hard choice, except for deciding between gratitude and grateful. I have a stamp that says grateful but I think I like the noun better. I probably won’t discriminate much between the two. One of the good things about being 40-something is that stuff like that – it just doesn’t matter. Glass half full – Liz cancelled lunch (she’s sick, ugh…) – and that gave me time to finish the journal. Honestly, probably a good thing I had this much focused time. Took several more hours just to stamp the week numbers, glue to the pages, put the book back together, tie on the ribbons. and admire the finished product. for just a few seconds before I started the entry for week 1. My journal is a page per week. no set markings for an entry per day. figure I’ll just focus on a week at a time. so – 52 pages to fill up with bits and pieces of my life for which I’m grateful. should be easy. and for that I consider myself very lucky. grateful.

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