Just Life

friday fill-in (on a friday).

1. This year, I’d like to walk 600 miles (3.5 done so far…and those 30 in September will really add to the total!)
2. The future is what I daydream about most (is this really lame? doesn’t everyone daydream about the future?)
3. My desk is a mess (and I must get it cleaned up tomorrow so I can enjoy Sunday).
4. I would like to have more sunshine in my life.
5. I love to have lots of flowers around the house (but of course I don’t – this is just a wish).
6. Sara’s smiling and mail from Katie always makes me smile.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to butternut squash risotto (thank you Sara and The Barefoot Contessa), tomorrow my plans include finishing up projects so I can clean up my desk and Sunday, I want to get a printer setup for Sara’s computer and work out with Rob!

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