Just Life

freeze frame.

…done! photoshop collage #2. this one was way way easier, so maybe photoshop is starting to click? and as I pulled it together, I couldn’t help wondering how different my life might be if I’d documented it this well all along? I also thought about what was different this Friday from other Fridays (while I’m working):
::worked out with Rob – normally that’s just a Sunday thing
::a bite of breakfast at home – lately it’s been a granola bar at my desk
::only one in person meeting (which I didn’t photo) – one of the things I love about the office is meeting with people face to face
::getting together with Steve, Lydia, Karen, Ron et al for the January b-day celebration. Rancho Grande. Good margaritas, ok food and very so-so service. but no group photo.
::up past 10 pm working on a photo collage