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…(w)ramblings. yes, the jackets are losing bad (sorry, sara, I know the grammar’s wrong, but it just sounds right). and I started a fun-just-for-me knitting project (sorry, too dark already for a good photo, but trust me, I’m already 20% done just watching the game!) eta – jackets lost 28-40 and the yarn is noro silk garden in a brown/teal/purple colorway that looks better than it reads.

I did make good progress on my 14-things-to-do-before-I-go-back-to-work list (I’m too embarrassed to post in its entirety, but know it includes crafty things, knitting things and traditional-must-do things like holiday cards, and practical-must-do getting my car washed things) yesterday and this morning. So I’m heading into the last part of my vacation a bit more relaxed. Which is good because I’ve made plans for those three days. Katie’s coming on Wednesday for coaching on finances, and a short shopping trip to prep for the paper adventure, and Thursday is lunch with Karen, and Friday is the final knitting lesson with Shari and another “balancing” outing with Liz. Good thing I get up early!

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  • Lydia

    love the project, I’m not a big fan of Noro, so what yarn are you using? Enjoy the next few days, we have a no alcohol party tonight and an afternoon with one of Mom’s friends. Happy New Year