Just Life

doggie drama.

…and it was all my fault. I let him out just as the phone rang – Nathan’s wanting to schedule Sara’s behind-the-wheel lessons – and then I realized I had Jo & Carla scheduled for the Saturday of MLK weekend, when Sara and I plan to be in HH, and so I rescheduled those appointments – whew! – and then it was time to eat lunch, and then we were cleaning up and Katie asked where was Chance? and oh no, I forgot to let him back in. Followed by a frantic hour of searching on foot, and by car, Mary, Katie and Marc… only to find him just across the street, casually sniffing up Donna’s mailbox. He could barely walk up the hill and back inside the house. Two hours out and about in the world is way more than he’s used to. Big sighs of relief all around – and now he’s in time out for the foreseeable future.

and much progress on the to-do list thanks to Sara. Four kinds of cookies done. plus truffles.

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