Just Life

under the wire (again!)

…Secret of the Stole – hint #4 done! just in time for the midnight deadline to be eligible for the hint #4 prize.

I know the photo isn’t great, but it’s very dark outside now. And I think the wine serves a dual purpose – shows the color of the yarn (the wine is a very nice Gabbiano chianti that reminds me of many lunches with my sister 🙂 and clues you in to what I’m drinking now that I’ve finished row #330.

I’m amazed at the pace so many of the participants are keeping with this project. Feeling like the last four weeks of my life have been completely consumed – like totally not normal. Compounded with no running, I’m almost not recognizing myself (in both good and bad ways!) But with another very important Rogovin birthday this weekend, I’m going to take a break. I do, however, have every intention of finishing the project for New Years Eve (and I love that I have the blog to document that resolution!)

Another not-totally-knitting posting to follow shortly. Like the old me!

Happy weekend!