a new knitter.

…yes, I’m converting my friend Shari! I haven’t really taught anyone to knit (the knitting lesson a few weeks ago was more like a refresher course…they’d both knitted before) in a long time. Fortunately, Shari is a quick study. I suggested the easy version of this scarf – figuring it’s always best to knit something you like, not just something that’s super easy. And our LYS had the recommended yarn; Shari picked the pretty light pink color. We took over the back table and I showed her knitting, purling and ribbing. She took home a 20 stitch swatch to keep practicing. And we planned to meet again next Sunday to cast on the scarf. And learn a twisted rib.

So imagine my surprise when I saw Shari again today at the LYS (while I was there with Karen, slightly helping her finish up the knitting on the itty bitty bag). She’d boo-boo’d the swatch last night and no way was she going to wait another week to get it fixed! Quick fix, she’s got her swatch again 🙂

[and sorry, no pics from the outing with Karen – sad face, because it was lots of fun – yarn purchases, gorgeous pre-felted fabric, shrimp ceviche and margaritas at Ceviche…]

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