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making me happy.

♥*happy sigh*…another proud parenthood moment. Sara was inducted into the National Beta Club tonight. That’s her in the front blur brown slacks and purple top (I know likely the very worst photo ever taken, but that’s what I get with no flash photo in a dark auditorium).
♥a not-rushed phonecall this afternoon wtih both my parents, individually. So much better conversation one on one! Looking forward to their Thanksgiving visit and the tradition routine we’ve created (fried calamari whenever, brunch at my house, mexican, no-turkey Wednesday, Ga vs GT at the Sheffields) combined with good quality time, car shopping ??!! and some holiday preparations.
this on-line class. I signed up this morning and can’t wait for the first e-mail!

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  • Lydia

    Congrats to Sara. The class looks like fun, I’m sure you’ll keep us posted on what you learn. Need to plan a day in January maybe, for a girls day- shopping, lunch, knitting? Karen too? Have a wonderful weekend, looks like it will be great weather for soccer, if it’s too cold and I have to wear gloves, I’m taking the travel blanket to work on- haven’t even touched it since last fall.