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the walk.

…yup, as simple as that – THE walk. Two days. 31(ish) miles through Atlanta. With my best friend who (I’m so lucky!) happens to be my sister. Raising money and walking so our daughters won’t have to face what our mom, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law have faced (and what took Marc’s grandmother way too young). And if the support we saw this weekend is any indication, I don’t think our goal is that far-fetched. The traditional mosaic of favorite moments:
(all the photos are here)

::you’re not going to believe this – but I forgot my shoes::coffee?!?!::Katie, I’m at North Ave…Katie, I’m at Collier Road…Katie, where are you?::who knew this was here…that you could walk from downtown to the Governor’s Mansion in one morning::great crew!::Atlanta’s finest, lookin’ fine!::uh-oh, detour::sucked the life right out of me::2 miles til cold beer::need medical attention::Go Tech, beat Clemson!::knitting research::where’s Sara when you need her (for a long-armed shot)::turn, forrest, turn!::downhills hurt the most::GT looking not so bad after a party night – sorority sisters looking good::it’s always something with me::no more time for PT – let’s go::can’t imagine doing this without you::I need a nap (and an ice pack)::

We both registered for next year’s walk yesterday morning. Thinking we might get a bit more ambitious about our fundraising and a $3,000 goal for the pair of us. We brainstormed a bit about fundraising ideas, what we could do with the blog, our 2-day websites, etc. If you read this and have ideas to share, please leave a comment! We won’t get too hot-and-heavy until after the holidays, but come 2008, we need to be ready!

(knitting post to follow…tomorrow…promise!)


  • Lydia

    Looks like the walk was a lot of fun- gorgeous weather. Saw in East Cobb a few weeks ago where someone was holding a yard sale to raise money. Office Bake sale would be nice.

  • Mary Lynn

    Congrats on the walk. One of the best fundraisers I went to recently was simple, effective and relatively short. It also raised about $7,500 for an organization that helps children who have suffered a traumatic loss.

    Anyway, it was a dessert and coffee event on a Saturday evening from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. It featured a “fire side chat” with a local celebrity, some small Chinese raffle items (none were valued over $300 and that was a dinner that a local gourmet cook donated), Starbucks coffee and donated desserts. It was held in a small church hall, there were about 80 people in attendance @ $35 each and was finished early enough that most of us planned on going to dinner afterwards . . . and enjoyed the humor of having had our dessert before our dinner.